10 Easy Fixes for That Nearly Perfect House

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Shopping for a new home?   You can stay within your home shopping budget and still get the perfect or almost perfect house.    Don't increase your budget, or be discouraged if the homes you are seeing aren't exactly what you want.  

This is a gorgeous kitchen in perfect condition.   Sleek stainless steel upgraded appliances that are only a few years old, sparkling granite counter tops, tons of natural light, and solid wood cabinets that provide a lot of storage that are in nearly new condition.  Most people however might think the cabinetry is dated, dark, not in line with today's light and bright modern finishes.   DON'T pass on a house that check almost all your boxes for this really easy fix.    Painted cabinets are all the rage.   Imagine this kitchen with freshly painted cream cabinets and modern hardware.   It's not hard, and it's not nearly as expensive as replacing cabinets.    Please enjoy this article about 10 EASY fixes to make the not so perfect home your dream home.   

10 Easy Fixes for That Nearly Perfect House You Want to Buy (and Should Buy)