Hurricane Safety - Don't Mulch Those Oaks

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Many neighborhoods are lined with mighty oak trees that canopy the streets and offer beauty and shade.   It's important going into hurricane season to prune your trees   By taking preventive measures you can avoid or at least minimize the negative impact on your trees.  If you missed this opportunity  DON'T prune ahead of an approaching storm.  Having all those piles of limbs laying around isn't a good idea. 

Something we don't think about in the context of hurricane safety is mulching, or over-mulching in this case.    Would it surprise you to learn you shouldn't mulch around your trees?   Trees sitting in deep, wet mulch are at risk because this creates a breeding ground for insects and root rot.  This soil moisture combined with heavy winds could create a stability issue for the trees.   Keep that mulch several inches from the trunk and extended to protect shallow roots.   Do not exceed a 3 inch depth on your mulch beds.   To ensure good tree health and proper pruning, you may need to consult a certified arborist,  especially if you have established trees.   Ensuring the health of your trees will ensure the longevity of your trees.    Find a certified arborist near you by conducting an address search.